One to one, two to one or group lessons?

There are many worries for a parent when seeking swimming lessons – will my child(ren) be upset, what if they do not like the teacher…! A key dynamic to seeking lessons is whether to have a group, one to one or two to one lesson type.
The answer is multifaceted, however here are a few points to consider (for and against) each session. Please note, these are generic points, what may be listed as a con here may be a pro for you – vice versa.

One to one lessons


  • Attention is completely focussed on the one swimmers
  • Progression tends to be quicker
  • Can be used as a short term fast track if a swimmer has in groups.


  • Costly – you are paying for the exclusivity
  • Do not have a social side with other children
  • Makes games / fun learning different without other swimmers to join in

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