Adult Swimming Lessons – Easy or Challenging?

Where do I start the topic of adult swimming lessons…?

There are two types of adults learners I have generally come across, ones who are beginners, generally resulting from a drowning or upsetting experience with water. Secondly, adults who can swim but want to improve technique for either general fitness or training for events such as triathlons.

Either way, often adults are nervous about taking swimming lessons, usually embarrassment. Firstly, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Researching swimming lessons is a hurdle, attending the lessons is another – all great steps towards conquering those feelings and channelling them towards a more positive outcome.

Core Aquatics provide adult only swimming lesson times  providing the opportunity to learn in a peaceful more relaxed environment.


The vast majority of beginner adult swimmers have had a negative experience with swimming or swimming lessons. The most common circumstance is drowning when they were a child. I always admire an adult swimmer who comes to learn to swim with a history of traumatic experience(s) with swimming lessons.

To face a fear is not easy, Core Aquatics recognise this and therefore provide lessons tailored to the swimmer and build learning to swim skills gradually. Everything a swimmer does is an achievement and a step closer to becoming a confident and safe swimmer.

Along the way there are always challenges, not everyone is good at everything, and certain aspects take longer to pick up than others. Swimming is like riding a bike – easy once you know how and achievable with practice!

My key piece of advice for beginners’ is don’t give up!

Competent swimmers:

Some swimmers come to us who can already swim but would like to either train for a competition (usually triathlons) or want to improve their stroke technique.

Making small and simple adjustments to strokes can make the world of difference!

What are the challenges?

  • There are some challenges that all swimmers face and others are more adult specific!
  • facing a fear
  • anatomy – swimmers with muscle are more likely to sink and muscle weighs more than ‘fat’
  • confidence
  • grasping skills or strokes
  • turning up to lessons!
  • frustration
  • pushing themselves

If you are an adult and would like swimming lessons, contact us today to book your place and tell us how you want us to support you on your swimming journey.

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Adult Swimming Lessons – Easy or Challenging?