Consistency and progression

Consistency is important for progress; fundamentally consistency can have an equally significant impact upon swimmers’ confidence.

Swimmer progress
Muscle memory

The above three points are all linked together, nevertheless, each point is important on their own. Therefore, each element will be considered and links highlighted.

Swimmer progress

A swimmer’s progress is multifaceted; some facets are outlined below:

  • parental influence/actions/support
  • swimmer’s ability
  • learning style
  • confidence
  • attendance (consistency)
  • teacher – patience, knowledge, understanding, support, tuition
  • swimmer’s behaviour / attitude

Bringing the above list together, by having a positive swimming lesson experience, with the right support, consistency of attendance/teacher can have a huge positive impact upon swimmer progress. If any of the points above are negative, then there are consequences (progression slowing or stopping). As noted in our previous blogs, maintain a positive working relationship between swimmer, parent and teacher/business owner to ensure that the above are approached in the right way for the individual swimmer.

Muscle memory

For some swimmers, grasping certain technique can be difficult. These circumstances are more common where swimmers have either been pushed to swim too early or are so used to swimming with incorrect technique that their brain is taking longer to pick up the new technique. It is a case of ‘practise makes perfect’

Typically, with the above swimmers, from experience, it is a case of repetition and helping the swimmer to feel the change of movement. Asking them what feels different. For example, we ask swimmers to hold the side (and their permission) to move their legs so that they have some guided support and can feel the correct way to kick.

Alternatively using different terminology to explain the same thing helps – as a teacher you quickly learn how to explain one thing in about fifteen different ways!

Both above points reinforce muscle memory and eventually result in a successful outcome of good/correct technique.


Before any technique or swimming can start a swimmer must be confident in the water. If they trust the teacher and are familiar with the surroundings then they are more amenable to try what is asked. Without confidence there isn’t much we can do – other than build confidence!

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Consistency and Progression