Autism Swim and Core Aquatics:

If you have a child with ASD or other abilities and you want them to swim it’s probably a really stressful experience for YOU. It’s hard to relax, you probably find yourself giving the teacher back-up because they’re inexperienced. It can be 30 minutes of hell.

At Core Aquatics you will find a very different experience where you can come along with your child and they will enjoy their lessons while you relax and spend time watching from a distance, talking to other parents or dare I say, reading a book or catching up on emails.

Even before you arrive for your first lesson we’ll be in touch with you and your child with support information including a great visual story which introduces your teacher, the pool, a photo of themselves and what they’ll be doing in the lesson. We know your child may not feel comfortable with change and so we make the experience as easy as possible for everyone.

Open message from Nicole, Core Aquatics Business Owner:

'I feel privileged to be able to see the world through our swimmer’s eyes and Autism Swim has been a significant part of us being able to achieve this.

In my early teens I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, which has had a significant impact on my life, particularly participating in activities and sociability. This experience has really fuelled my drive to help bring out the best and support others. Even a small change in our delivery/environment or the way we communicate with our swimmers, to suit their needs, can make the world of difference for that swimmer and their family.’

Core Aquatics are the only Autism Swim Approved Centre in the Midlands.

Core Aquatics Autism Swim Approved Teachers have had additional in-depth training, been provided with resources and a community to learn about swimmers with ASD and other abilities. Autism Swim’s resources, support and training is incredibly valuable to the success of our delivery.

What does this mean?

Autism Swim is the only certifying body specific to autism and aquatics worldwide.
Autism Swim and Core Aquatics work closely to deliver the best possible outcomes for the swimmers within our service.
Our team members receive training, resources and support in order to understand the differing needs and wants of the swimmers with other abilities; and to teach them in a way that is most conducive to their needs.

The team at Autism Swim assist us to target three key areas:

Water Therapy

Ensuring our swimmers are comfortable and happy to be in and around the water. This sets them up with the best chance of learning.

 Water Safety

Water safety is imperative for every learner, however even more so for our swimmers who have a decreased ability to perceive risk and danger.

Learn to Swim

Adapting and modifying our teaching techniques to ensure that we cater for all different learning styles and abilities. We work toward individual goals, rather than trying to fit learners into pre-determined ‘levels’.

Contact us to find out more information on our Sensory Friendly sessions at each of our pools and how we can help you/your child(ren) learn to swim.

We have the made the ongoing commitment to education, and we are confident that this resonates in the work that we are undertaking with our swimmers.

For more information about Autism Swim and the services they provide, please visit their website –