Caroline Pissides

Both my children loves their lessons with Core Aquatics, teachers are excellent and very professional. After a poor start at another swim school for my eldest Nicole has been able to give her the confidence to really excel at the strokes and my youngest just loves his group sessions with Emma, a lot of fun for him each week. Can’t recommend them enough, never thought my eldest would enjoy lessons after a bad start elsewhere. Thank you x

Laura Kemp

We take our 4 year old to 121 sessions with Core Aquatics in WB & we love it! He’s only on his 5th or 6th session & coming on so well with his instructor Richard.
As with any preschoolers it can be hard to keep their attention but Richard is brilliant with our boy & easily accommodates anything that catches his eye into the lesson. The sessions flow really easily & our little boy’s confidence has grown with each one.

Alana Daly

My 4 year old is particularly nervous and is a timid little boy. He cried his heart out whilst waiting to go in but Nicole came over and took him to the pool in her arms, providing constant reassurance on the way. He then entered the pool for his lesson with Emma. He was shaking and still crying at this point. Emma kept him in her arms until he felt comfortable to let go. She talked to him consistently and involved him in the lesson along with all of the other children so he felt empowered and more confident. Within 10-15 minutes he was looking up at me smiling and giving thumbs up, and at the end of the lesson was excited for next week. Far and above the best set of instructors I’ve come across. And this is our fourth attempt. Thank you guys.