Core Aquatics’ Award of Achievement

To ensure our swimmers are always rewarded for their excellent swimming, Nicole created the Core Aquatics’ Award of Achievement. Swimming isn’t easy and some skills can be quite challenging, yet the more simple skills can be a huge milestone to overcome.  Award of Achievements signify that the swimmer is working towards their current badge, but have also achieved something that their teacher would like to acknowledge.

Introduction to the International Learn to Swim Programme

Core Aquatics uses the STA ‘International Learn to Swim Programme’ (ILTSP) which recognises swimmer progression through certificates and badges at all levels and abilities. The main ILSP programme connects 5 progressive schemes, in addition to separate programmes and supporting awards for more competent swimmers i.e. diving, other abilities, pool helper, snorkelling, first aid and more.

The basic levels, such as STAnley’s encourage swimmers to be comfortable in the water and build their confidence. The rest of the programme gradually builds technique, stamina, skills, water safety and knowledge.

Each category of award also contains a number of levels for example, there are multiple criterion i.e. STAnley 1 has 10 learning outcomes.


Core Aquatics classes

Core Aquatics have different stages which are named CA 1-9, CA Comp 1 and CA Comp 2. Within each of the Core Aquatics’ stages, swimmers can complete multiple awards which maximises progress and doesn’t leave swimmers disheartened if they aren’t quite ready to complete a stage and move up. This approach balances the stroke, water safety and other skill development evenly.


The badges and certificates awarded act as the feedback for the swimmer, as they state which learning outcomes they have achieved within the swimming term. The order of the badges are shown in the STA Learn to Swim Progression Chart diagram above.  In some of our stages, we operate two of the STA badge series' simultaneously in addition to supplementary awards.

If you would like a more bespoke and in-depth written feedback, reports are charged at £10 per swimmer.

Viewing the awards criteria

You can view all awards on the STA website:

Main awards

Supplementary and additional programmes can be found here

Supporting awards

Additional programmes



To maintain standards, Core Aquatics operates a robust process of assessment verification within the Core Aquatics team, primarily using the STA standards guidance and internal standards of assessment.

Criterion must be shown over a number of weeks not just as a ‘one off’. We keep records of our swimmers’ awards to ensure they keep progressing through the ILTSP.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can my children do when they have finished their programme?

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